Agata Stajer

Lawyer member of Legal Experts Advisory Panel of Fair Trials International, human rights trainer

Antonia Rocha

Lawyer at Rocha Paus Legal Group, Barcelona, Spain

Member of the International Criminal law Comission at the Barcelona Bar Association.

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Artur Pietryka

Lawyer at Wardynski & Partners, Warsaw, Poland
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Francisco Marques Vieira

Lawyer, Member of Forum Penal, criminal lawyer since 1995 and lecturer/trainer


Christiane J. Driesen

Conference and Legal Interpreter

Convenor of the AIIC Committee for Court and Legal Interpreting.

Head of CPD Legal Interpreting Programme at Hamburg University

Josep Canicio Querol

Criminal lawyer

Adviser of The General Council of the Spanish Bars

Magdalena Pajak

Criminal Attorney, 8 years of experience in criminal cases

Facebook: Magdalena Pająk

João Barroso Neto

Criminal Lawyer

Vice-President of Human Rights Commission of Portuguese Bar Association

Member of Board of Forum Penal

LEAP Member of Fair Trials

Karolis Liutkevičius

Chief Legal Officer at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania.

Main areas of expertise include human rights protection in the criminal justice system and the legal regime of right to privacy.

Jaanus Tehver

Defence lawyer at Tehver & Partners, Tallin, Estonia

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Małgorzata Mączka-Pacholak

adwokat, Pietrzak Sidor and Partners law firm in Warsaw

Anaïs Franquesa

Iridia’s Litigation Director

Maria Radziejowska

adwokat at Pietrzak Sidor and Partners law firm in Warsaw.