– Title: “Criminal defence at police stations: a comparative and empirical study”

– Lecturer: Dr. Anna Pivaty, postdoctoral researcher, University of Maastricht. . Dr. Pivaty conducts research on the influence of European norm-making institutions on the enforcement of fair trial rights in the individual European states. In 2004-2010, she was involved in strategic litigation before the European Court of Human Rights, while working at the Open Society Justice Initiative, an international NGO involved in promoting law and justice reforms worldwide. She was also trainee at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights

– Webinar structure: 20-25 minutes lecture, 20 minutes questions/interventions

– Content:  Criminal defence at the investigative stage has attracted growing attention due to the shifting focus of the criminal process onto pre-trial stages, and the recent European regulations adopted in this area. Increasingly, justice practitioners and legislators across the EU have begun to realise that ‘the trial takes place at the police station’. This book provides a comprehensive legal, empirical and contextual analysis of criminal defence at the investigative stage from a comparative perspective. It is a socio-legal study of criminal defence practice, which draws upon original empirical material from England and Wales and the Netherlands. Based on extensive interviews with lawyers, and extended periods of observation, the book contrasts the encountered reality of criminal defence with the model role of a lawyer at the investigative stage derived from European norms. It places the practice of criminal defence within the broader context of procedural traditions, contemporary criminal justice policies and lawyers’ occupational cultures.​