NETPRALAT: NET working to strengthen pre-trial procedural rights by PRActice-oriented cross-border LAwyers Training has initiated its activities.

Past 22nd and 23rd of November 2018,  30 lawyers and specialists in criminal law from different EU countries met in the Catalan Bar Council headquarters in Barcelona to discuss the rights of detainees in the procedures prior to the trial and the effective application of the Directions 2010/64 / EU on the rights of interpretation and translation, 2012/13 / EU on the right to information, 2013/48 / EU on the right of access to a lawyer in relation to the procedures prior to the trial.

The meeting had the participation of lawyers from Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

NETPRALAT project builds on a former one SUPRALAT  in which training was implemented in different countries like Ireland, the Netherlands or Belgium.

This new project wants to adapt and add new modules (practical skills-oriented training regarding work with interpreters and psychosocial approach) and implement this training in 3 other countries like Spain, Poland and Lithuania, and see the possibility to replicate this training in other countries in the future.

During the meeting different experiences of implementation of SUPRALAT were presented: the ones in Ireland, Scotland and Belgium.

In addition, EULITA and IRIDIA presented the proposed content for the two new modules that will be elaborated in relation to the psychosocial approach and the vulnerabilities of detainees and the work of lawyers and interpreters during interrogations.

In the meeting it was also defined and designed an international platform with the objective of creating an exchange network for lawyers, jurists and human rights experts to exchange information and experiences.